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Our “Advance & Protect” Philosophy

We know no one can control the performance of the markets or the direction of the economy. Instead, we focus our efforts on minimizing the impact that four major risks have on your financial picture—market volatility (including interest rate risk), inflation, taxes, and longevity.

Analyze your “personal economy”

Money is flowing in one of three directions at all times – you are either saving it, spending it (your regular monthly lifestyle/budget), or you are losing control of it, in many cases unnecessarily or unknowingly. Some examples of how you might be losing control of your money include how you are handling your mortgage and other debts, how much you are saving in tax-deferred accounts, how you are saving/ paying for college, how you pay for your insurance, and future decisions related to Social Security and pension benefits.

Tax diversification of your assets

Every dollar of taxes saved is one more dollar you can save or spend in the future. We will coach you as to how you can have a balance of taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free assets in order to more efficiently utilize your money in the future.

Protect the purposes of your money

We believe there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” investment or product – it’s all about the appropriateness of the financial vehicles that match-up with how you prioritize what we call our “Safety – Liquidity – Growth” model:

Safety: We can coach you about strategies that can help reduce risk to your principal or the income generated from your principal.

Liquidity: We provide guidance designed to provide you access to your money when you need it.

Growth: Growth of your assets can be made up of income (interest, dividends, or yield) or appreciation (the price of your investment increases, or if you sell an asset in the future for a gain). Since there is no perfect investment, the key is to balance these two growth components with each pool of money that you plan to utilize.

Please note: Safety/Protection is positioned as an investment goal. Investing in certain securities may help to hedge against certain risk, but does not imply any guarantee from loss.

Diversify the way you diversify

We coach our clients on an “institutional mindset” to investing and provide them with information as to how they can utilize various asset classes and financial strategies. Greater diversification may help minimize risk and allow for appropriate investment returns to materialize in any market cycle.

Neither an investment strategy nor diversification can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.