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Our Process

Step 1 - Getting to Know You: We begin by listening. Our five-step process is not a one size fits all approach. It is always based on your needs, concerns, goals, and dreams.

Step 2 - Discovery
: We familiarize ourselves with your current financial position and habits including assets, liabilities, tax bracket, risk-tolerance, and liquidity needs. Recommendations need to “fit” everything that makes up your financial picture.

Step 3 - Strategy: After analyzing the information from Steps 1 & 2, we develop a strategy to maximize your current financial position. We strive to have the heart of a teacher by presenting information in a simplistic way that you can easily understand. We feel that it’s important you know the “why” behind all recommendations that we present to you. The first step in the strategy development process is an analysis of Where Does Your Money Go??? (see diagram below).

Step 4 - Implementation: We hope you choose Benson Financial Group; however, you can choose to do nothing, or to implement a course of action on your own. This step in the process is NOT a sales presentation—you decide if the proposed strategy will bring you value, and if so we will execute the selected recommendations for you.

Step 5 - Measure & Monitor: If you choose to work with us, we commit to you to continuously measure all aspects of your plan to make sure it continues to line-up with your financial needs and goals. We will meet regularly with you on a mutually agreed upon review schedule.



Opportunity Cost: The benefits you could have received by keeping control of your money.

“ A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush.”
Benjamin Franklin

A dollar under your control is worth more today than it will ever be worth in the future. Therefore, philosophically speaking, we believe the first step in developing a financial strategy is to analyze your current flow of money. Your hard earned dollars are heading in one of three directions at all times: You are either keeping them under your control to save or spend on the things that are valuable to you and your family, or you are losing control of your money—in many cases unnecessarily! Detailed above is a list of financial decisions that we refer to as the 8 Major Wealth Killers, because poor decisions involving these financial matters can cause you to lose control of your money. Remember, when you lose control of a dollar you don’t just lose a dollar, but you also lose all of the potential opportunity that keeping that dollar under your control represents. When you truly understand this you understand the concept of opportunity cost.