Our Wealth Management & Planning Process | Benson Financial Group
Our Wealth Management & Planning Process | Benson Financial Group
Our Wealth Management & Planning Process | Benson Financial Group


“Discovery” begins with our initial complimentary meeting with you.  This process is dynamic and interpersonal — it’s a time to share information with each other to find out if our team and our firm is a good fit for you, and vice-versa.  The primary goal of our initial meeting with you is to listen to each other, and this conversation begins with our commitment to listen to you first, because it’s only after listening well that we can know the right questions to ask.  Our discussion will not stop with asking about your financial information—numbers, data, already established accounts, etc., — but we will seek to discover your short term needs, your long-term goals, your personal values, your dreams, and to make sure we understand those things that concern you most about the future.

During our discovery time together, we will share with you why we believe our BFG teamwork model sets us apart from other firms, and we will also be transparent with you about how we are paid should you decide to partner with us.  We have nothing to hide with regards to our compensation model.  We are aligned with an independent broker-dealer, LPL Financial, and as an independent we believe strongly that not being held to captive company investment models allows us to seek the most cost-efficient solutions to fit your needs.

Should our initial meeting with you lead to your desire to have a second meeting, which will always be your decision—not ours, the discovery process provides our firm with the essential information needed to develop a financial plan and recommendations that are suitable for you.


First and foremost, we are financial planners first, before we are ever investment advisors.  Before we start to build your personalized financial plan and formulate specific recommendations for you that can enhance your current financial position, we think it’s crucial to understand your “personal economy”.  Every household has their own personal economy, as your money is flowing in one of three directions at all times—you are either saving money, spending money, or losing control of your money, sometimes without even being aware of it.  Before we ever talk about investing more, one of our first priorities is to see if we can help you make small adjustments in the way your current personal economy flows that might be able to help you retain more control of your hard-earned money now, so that you can have more money to save and spend in the future.

Our team of advisors will build your personalized financial plan to address both your short-term needs and your long-term financial goals, while also helping you make sure your goals are aligned with the personal values most important to you.  It is our goal to make complex financial concepts easy for you to understand, and to teach you in a way that you can both comprehend and remember.   It’s also very important to us to make sure you not only understand what we recommend to you, but why we recommend something for you to consider.


Once we establish an advisor-client relationship with you, it’s our belief that discovery should never stop— it’s an on-going, never-ending process because life happens, and as it does your goals will likely change with each new season of life.  We allow you to determine how often you desire to meet for review of your plan and your investment strategies, and as life brings about changes for your household, we will be there with you to help recommend any necessary adjustments that need to be made.  Because we are first and foremost financial planners and not investment advisors or stockbrokers, it is a priority of ours to always be available to meet with you.  One of our most important priorities is to be consistently available to meet with our clients instead of being continuously held captive to our computer screens.